Cwicket – A new way to play cricket.

Cwicket – A new way to play cricket.

A simple phone call to our Cwicket number is all it takes to get you right in the middle of all the action. you will bat & bowl like a champion cricketer and take on our player simulations as well as other players like you in fast 2-overs-a-side matches.

All you got to do is dial in to the number, pick your favourite team and then follow the simple instructions to get setup to play.

You will then be taken into a stadium simulation where our expert commentators will guide you thru out the game. They will announce your opponent player and his/her team, followed by a quick toss, and then you either go in and bat or bowl.

While batting, our commentators are working real hard to figure out the delivery that your opponent bowls to you, and  you just gotta follow it up with the right shot to that particular ball.

Similarly, while bowling you pick the delivery and hear our commentators describe it to the batsman, who then picks a shot to play.

Simple, innit’..?

Of course, you get ball by ball updates and scores while you play, our game engine understands everything – from no balls to the arcana of the DL system to square off matches, when one of the players drops off due to a network issue.

Go on, give it a shot. it’s time for the pros to make space for a lot many more. Pick up on the technical lingo of cricket, learn the good stuff, what shots to play to what deliveries, all right here in Cwicket.

Dial 505 1010 65 now!

PS: If you happen to be on a network other than Reliance Communications, hold tight! We will be with you soon. As usual, networks seem to take ages to get to where we want to be.

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