Welcome to Dialify.

Dialify is a small startup that explores new applications of the humble “phone call”.

The basic premise is that – the phone call is a very powerful medium –

  1. a simple call can connect you to 4 billion other people in the world.
  2. a call can be routed without any user effort.
  3. a call is a full duplex media channel.
  4. a call can carry voice, data & emotion.

We build Social games & apps with dynamic Audio User Experience (AUX) all delivered over ANY telecom network.

We have applied a number of Web & Social Media dev practices to creating a platform that is –

  1. scalable : we run in the cloud
  2. adaptive : we can work over any standards compliant Voice SDP
  3. flexible : our framework provides for templates, patterns & reusable components for diverse applications
  4. rich : we can make use of – core channel characteristics, In & Out- bound methods, audio, speech & data
  5. monetizable : we integrate with telco billing for ‘pay-as-you-use’ billing

We are just a ‘call’ away – your service provider willing!

All said and done, our apps need no special – hardware, software, or steep learning curve.

Heck, you don’t even need a smartphone to use our products. We would rather make every phone ‘smarter’.


Team Dialify